Low Maintenance Deck Construction Materials

Ask a deck builder in NJ and you will learn all about the problems of using natural products for your deck. The natural wood-based material has long been a staple of construction industry because of its low costs and plentiful availability.

However, when exposed to sunlight and the rain, the natural wood cracks, wraps and splinters. There is always the issue of rot and moulds growing at the joints and underneath the support platform. Last but not least, cleaning and staining wood is backbreaking labor that could last for an entire weekend.

In the 1990s, a new material was introduced that was hailed as the next best thing in deck construction and remodeling. Every deck builder in NJ was excited to use Wood Plastic Composite or WPC as it was popularly known.

WPC was just sawdust mixed with plastics. The sawdust was used as the main component that provided stability and working strength while recycled plastics was used a binder and weatherproof coating. WPC suffered a similar fate as the wood itself. After a couple of years of use, it developed cracks and was very hard to keep in proper shape.

In the recent years, three major classes of raw materials dominate the deck construction industry. The best way to determine what is best for you is a local deck builder in NJ.

The latest generation of WPC is more stable and offers many options to a deck builder in NJ. The sawdust is able to retain the stain more efficiently and the new plastics will not buckle or wrap under the sun.

PVC has become the go-to material for external finishing and trimmings and its use in deck construction and remodeling comes as no surprise. PVC is stain resistant making it an excellent material for use in deck construction. Ketchup, grill grease, and spilled drinks could be easily wiped away with hot water and a mop.

PVC also has the advantage of being available in many textures and designs. This makes it easy for a deck builder in NJ to fit the new or remodeled deck right into the rest of the house.

Capstocks is another popular low maintenance deck building material that has gained the attention of professionals. Capstocks look like another PVC board but they are actually constructed as layers of composite deck boards covered by a hard plastic shell. These boards are available in dark colors and stains only. This disadvantage is offset by their very real-looking exotic hardwood patterns.

Your local deck builder in NJ is in the best position to guide you about the right low maintenance deck construction or remodeling material. The selection is based on several factors such as the location and type of the deck being constructed, the amount of sunshine and moisture in your area and the overall costs of the project.

Whether its WPC, PVC or Capstocks, the choice of material is really dictated by the style and the final pattern of the deck.


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